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IJISEA - Membership

IJISEA is an independent international Peer Reviewed of open access journal , covering a wide range of academic disciplines With an editorial team comprising some of the world's leading researchers.

IJISEA is not only a Journal but also a hub for scientists. This Journal offering excellent resources for research. It connects traditional publishing with the opportunities afforded by new technologies. Through publishing, your work can enjoy worldwide reach and you can get a quick response from your colleagues worldwide.

IJISEA is ultimately responsible for ensuring the proper practices, particularly those concerns with the authors, peer reviewers and editors, are followed in its publications.

Membership Benefits:

Educational Institutes or Organizations Brochure will be displayed in the Journal.

Updating can be done immediately from the concern Membership organizations or Institute or Persons.

Authors who belong to the organization or institute can publish their Papers; the necessary Support will get from the Reviewers.

Technical Symposiums or conferences or Seminar Papers of an Organization or institute will be published without any Charges.

For more details contact : editor@ijisea.org

Membership for the Journal IJISEA is (INR):10,000 (or) $ 140